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Service Related


Product Description

Service Related understands a merchant’s needs: the right set of low cost tools and solutions for their varied, unique set of needs. This is something we at Service Related are prepared to give you.

Service Related is a credit card processing provider that equips you with the right tools for the right job. We focus on creating specialized programs for the different needs of our different businesses clients.

We at Service Related know the substantial differences between small and large businesses, between retailers and online merchants, and so on. With this in mind, we have arranged different programs for you, our client, to choose from depending on the nature of your business and the resources you have at hand: Choose from a Retailer, Mail Order, Internet Merchant or Wireless account that is tailored towards your needs.

Also, Service Related prides itself in our ability to even provide you with business leads, customized to fit your marketing needs.

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The Price:

  • Monthly Cost: $9.95 statement fee, $0.20 transaction fee


Free credit card terminal
Free terminal programming service
Reduced risk of chargeback
Higher security against fraud


“Service Related helped our business save a whole lot of money on transactions.."

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"Service Related offers a pretty good price and we even got free hardware."
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