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Product Description

SecureNetShop was founded back in 1997. Back then it was a simple web site development company. Now, it is one of the frontrunners in website shopping cart solutions and merchant account services.

SecureNetShop provides majority of its credit card processing service through shopping carts. Setting up the shopping cart is easy and is more importantly free of charge.

Alternatively, customers can choose to go with SecureNetShop’s retail merchant account service. Unlike other companies that charge by the thousands just for a retail terminal, SecureNetShop gives it to you for free.

What’s even greater about SecureNetShop’s shopping cart service is that potential customers are free to try with their 30-day money back guarantee. Not only that, customers can enjoy free upgrades along with free trials on their search engine optimization and email marketing tools.

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Product Research

The Price:

  • Monthly Cost: $20 gateway fee, $10 statement fee, $0.25 transaction fee


Supports all major credit cards
No application fees
No cancellation fees
Get real-time reports
24/7 technical support


“I have been using this shopping cart on my website for the last three years. The service is always up. I like that the shopping cart has been very customizable. It's a great shopping cart! My only complaint is that I am having a hard time getting this cart to work well with Urchin's crazy ELF2 log processing.”

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“Without a doubt, the support and product at SecureNetShop are unsurpassed. You may think your company is the best at customer service, I'm here to tell you you'll learn a thing or 10 from these folks. Good product, excellent support.”
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