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Paynet Systems

from Paynet Systems, Inc.

Product Description

Paynet Systems is currently serving thousands of businesses by providing credit card processing solutions. The company takes pride in its competitive pricing and reliable service.Paynet Systems is a licensed merchant service provider. They offer a variety of solutions, including mail/phone order services and point-of-sale solutions. With a Paynet Systems merchant account, you will also be able to accept payments over the Internet.

Paynet Systems offers processing equipment at wholesale prices. Additionally, the monthly fees incurred when you sign up for a merchant account are very competitive. As a result, you can expect to save hundreds of dollars.

The customer support provided by Paynet Systems is absolutely top-notch. A customer representative will help you with everything and anything you need.

Paynet Systems’ competitive prices, top-quality services, and excellent support make this provider a fine choice for your credit card processing needs.

Product Research

The Price:

  • Startup Cost: Free
  • Monthly Cost: $10 payment gateway, $0.25 per transaction, $10 statement fee, $5 for Internet merchant account
  • Other Occasional Fees: $15 for charge backs


  • No startup costs
  • No long-term contracts
  • Competitive prices
  • No cancellation fees, no annual fees
  • Money Back Guarantee


“Paynet has always been a top pick of mine, particularly because i’m guaranteed that their prices are the lowest. I have yet to find a better provider.”

Actual user feedback from

“I signed up with paynet systems a year ago and have never run into any problems. Nothing to complain about with their service. Excellent.”

Actual user feedback from

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