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North American Bancard

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Product Description

North American Bancard is committed to helping your business grow profitably, whether you’re a new merchant accepting credit cards for the first time or a successful enterprise looking for better credit card processing.

Whatever your credit card processing needs, they have a safe and secure solution, backed by superior service and 24/7 dedicated support.

Best of all, on top of the lowest rate guarantee, full-range processing options, and leading service and support, NAB provides the largest selection of free equipment in the industry. Everything from space-saving countertop terminals to wireless terminals to PIN pads and check readers. No matter the need, NAB has the solution.

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The Price:

  • No set up or application fee
  • Rate programs starting at 1.05%


Processing for all major payment processing brands
Real-time processing and fast authorizations
24/7 customer support from a highly experienced team
Next day access to funds
Customized industry-specific solutions
PCI compliant equipment for the most secure transactions


“North American Bancard is an awesome company. They gave me free equipment and told the truth about processing. They saved my company over $300 a month and gave a full detailed ledger of my savings. By the way, I had ten different companies review my processing statements and North American killed the others. Thanks! For the huge savings…”

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February 1, 2022, 11:46 am
Rating: Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5
When an agent from North American Bancard came to our salon, we were promised that it was only a $7 monthly fee, 1.59% rate. I asked specifically if there were any other fees or charges and was told no. We did not get copy of the original contract. We were told it would be sent and it never was. We were told the reason they could offer a great rate is due to a standard (turns out not to be standard) 3 year contract. Upon bill review there were fees for everything. Debit use fee, batch fees, PCI compliance fees and more. PCI compliance is if you are using a PC and we are not. When I called the company to complain about these issues, I was given the run around with a fast talking agent. After a very frustrating conversation I was sent an altered copy of the original. I was told the only way out of this was to pay $960.00. A co worker was told buy out was $200.00 before signing. I know there was a fee for low or no use, but that exact amount was not given. They stopped sending statements and I could not access my account on their online site. It stated that the merchant acct # does not exist. The fee was $37.00 a month for non use. I and about 15 of my co-workers are all very unhappy. We are independently contracted small businesses. We cannot absorb these types of fees. I tried to write a letter and thought they were going to be nice and close the account without further trouble, only to be surprised 2 days later with a email saying they were debiting my account for early termination without my approval. It is a misfortune for this company that we are being so badly treated. If they had been reasonable, many of the employees would have embraced using the company for their transactions at the front desk. We have 60 stylists and many other employees that would benefit from this. I discourage every new employee and recommend they get Square now. The money that this company, had they been honest and fair, would have been great with this big a group. It is beyond me why they think that doing bad business is better. Now I will be sending out a warning on every blog site that I can to help others avoid this trouble. I am happy for those that like it but for the small merchants that are being taken advantage of I must speak! I have noticed a note on some complaint boards for a class action lawsuit. Does it really have to come down to that for this company to be fair and competitive in the market? I have no idea why they get such a high rate from BBB when they are the worst business that I have ever in my 30 year career, had to deal with.
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