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from MerchantPlus LLC

Product Description

MerchantPlus is an online merchant account provider which promises quality assistance and help regarding your business.

Merchant accounts by can handle different kinds of business whether they are online or retail. The accounts provider prides itself to being one the safest service around because of its security features.

The system also features that are simply surprising. It has no set-up, monthly and per-transaction gateway charges. It also has a flat-rate fee scheme that will make paying for this service really convenient.

Customer service representatives of Merchants Plus are highly knowledgeable of matters concerning finance, and are always available to assist you with your concerns.

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The Price

  • Monthly Cost: $19.95 gateway fee, No monthly minimum, $0.25 transaction fee


Flat-rate fee scheme
No setup charges
Excellent customer support
Handles different kinds of businesses
Highly secure


“Merchant plus will give you a free Gateway and Virtual Terminal and promise no setup charges, monthly charges and that the gateway will be also be free from charges.”

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"Merchantplus team members are experts in shopping carts, payment forms, terminals, wireless devices and have years of experience in supporting merchants of all sizes."
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September 23, 2011, 12:10 pm
Rating: Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5
MerchantPlus handles all our ecommerce needs!
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