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Merchant Systems

from IPayment, Inc.

Product Description

Merchant Systems is a website that provides individuals the ability to handle business with ease receives cashless payment through a secure system. It boasts of its quick approval can.

Merchant Systems is a secure online merchant accounts provider. It is one of the most popular merchants account provider because of the benefits that its customers receive from the company.

Freebies include free webhosting and web designing and free shopping cart system installation. The system is also secure as it utilizes an SSL secure form for your orders and information.

Customer service is available and highly dependable.

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Product Research

The Price:

  • Monthly Cost: $10 gateway fee, $10 statement fee, $10 monthly minimum, $0.30 transaction fee


Quick request approval
Secure forms through SSL
Enhanced gateway software
Automated billing
Free tech support


“ can help you...this is a tested merchant company that can help you in your wholesale merchant accounts, online payment processing, and credit card payments.”

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“Merchant-Systems offers a comprehensive approach to helping businesses accept credit cards.”
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