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Merchant Account Providers

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Product Description

It’s no secret that in this day and age, electronic sales is the way businesses are going about their transactions. If a business establishment can provide electronic payment services such as credit cards and debit card systems, there’s no doubt that this strategy can boost sales and improve the flow of business.

Merchant Account Providers is dedicated to providing this type of service to establishments who need it. Whether it is a big or small business, Merchant Account Providers will deliver efficient and secure payment processing method for you.

Not only that, Merchant Account Providers also has Merchant Cash Advances available – providing the perfect security blanket for your business cash needs.

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Service Rates:

Retail Card (Swipe): 1.09%, $0.19 per transaction, $9.95 monthly fee, no gateway fees

Mail/Phone Order: 1.99%, $0.19 per transaction, $9.95 monthly fee, no gateway fees

Internet: 1.99%, $0.19 per transaction, $9.95 monthly fee, $15 plus $0.19/transaction gateway fees

High Risk Merchant: Starting at 2.49%, $0.25 per transaction, $10.00 monthly fee, no gateway fees


Provides credit card processing solutions for any type of business
Fast set up and installation
Excellent customer service covering application, installing, 24/7 tech support, and programming
Services and products include: Retail Restaurant Merchant, Mail/Phone/Internet Merchant, ACH and Check Services, Mobile Processing Solution, High Risk/Bad Credit Merchant, Merchant Cash Advance
Low and affordable rates


Merchant Account Providers deliver some of the best service for mobile card processing..I would definitely recommend them!

Actual user feedback from

"Every business had different needs and they understand that perfectly. I feel secure and confident in my payment processing because of MAP.”

Actual user feedback from

"My business has improved dramatically because I made this move. Merchant Account Providers come highly recommended!”

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