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Internet Media Solutions

from IPayment, Inc. 

Product Description

Internet Media Solutions has been in the credit card processing industry for many years now. They offer a variety of solutions to help you begin accepting various forms of payments from your customers.

Internet Media Solutions offers credit card processing services for both online and retail (brick-and-mortar) stores. When you sign up for one of their e-commerce merchant accounts, your business will be ready to accept payments from all the major credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard.

Other services offered by Internet Media Solutions include: SSL Secure Order Forms, Virtual Terminals, Automated Web Site Ordering, free shopping cart, and free brochure web site.

Internet Media Solutions currently has a 99% approval rate, regardless of your credit. They also offer 24/7 customer support.

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Product Research

The Price:

  • Startup Cost: $197.00
  • Monthly Cost: $15.00 gateway fee, $10.00 statement fee, $25.00 monthly minimum
  • Other Occasional Fees: $25.00 charge back fee, $1.00 voice authorization fee


Low fees
Free technical support
Recurring billing available
Free processing software setup
ISP/Host integration


"Signed up with them a few years back and never really had trouble with them. Everything works smoothly and am always able to accept credit card payments from my customers. Although i haven't tried any other service, i'd really recommend them."

Actual user feedback from

"Internet media solutions may not have the best technical support, but i would take their low rates over any other company. I've been with IMS for 2 years now."
Actual user feedback from


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