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from IntelliPay, Inc.

Product Description

IntelliPay is all about innovation. With the understanding that businesses of differing sizes and priorities each have their own needs, IntelliPay prides itself on customizing a unique set of services for each of its merchant clients.

IntelliPay is a 24-hour credit card processing service that utilizes SmartTerminal software to give you fast access from anywhere there is an Internet connection. This technology also allows for very secure transactions, from accessing batches to managing digital receipts and much more.

The people at IntelliPay understand that clients each have a unique set of needs. With this in mind, we are prepared to personally cater to your business, no matter how large or small it may be.

IntelliPay is fully registered with Visa and MasterCard, and complies with CISP and SDP requirements for Visa and MasterCard, respectively.

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The Price:

  • $50 start up fee
  • $0.15-0.35 transaction fee, $0.25-0.50 batch fee
  • 2.1-3% discount rate


Payment authorization within 2-5 seconds
Software is easy to integrate into websites
24/7 support by phone, email, and live web chat
Fees among the lowest in the industry
Supports all card types


“IntelliPay, with its certification across most payment platforms and substantial existing client base, proves it is a reliable Internet payment provider."

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"With intellipay's system in place, we are able to provide our services to individuals worldwide.."
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