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Product Description

Any business who aims to grow knows that these days, it’s all about electronic services. Cashless and paperless transactions are now the trend and not jumping on the bandwagon means getting left behind in sales, revenues, and ultimately, your company’s is a credit card service provider, allowing you to accept credit card transactions from Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover. They also provide services and installations that allow you to accept debit card transactions as well. couples their products with exceptional services that approve your application within just 24 hours

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Product Research

The Price:

Internet and E-Commerce: 2.19% discount rate, $0.25 transaction fee, $10 monthly fee, $10 monthly fee

Mail/Phone Order: 2.19% discount rate, $0.25 transaction fee, $10 monthly fee, $10 monthly fee

Touch Tone Phone: 2.19% discount rate, $0.60 transaction fee, $10 monthly fee

Retail Storefront: 1.69% discount fee, $0.20 transaction fee, $10 monthly fee

Wireless Terminals: 1.69% discount fee, $0.20 transaction fee, $0.20 pin debit transaction fee, $10 monthly fee, $19.95 monthly data wireless fee, $35 one time wireless activation fee, $79/yr Free Terminal Replacement Program

Wireless Way Systems: $518 Way Systems 5000 Credit & Debit With Printer, $14.99 AT&T monthly data wireless fee, 1.69% discount rate, $0.20 pin debit transaction fee, $10 monthly fee

Yahoo! Stores: 2.19% discount rate, $0.25 transaction fee, $10 monthly fee


  • Provides credit card processing solutions for Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.
  • Payment solutions for debit cards
  • Online sign-up and fast approval – within 24 hours
  • Provides services for Internet Merchant Account, Retail Merchant Account, Wireless Credit Card Machines, Cell Phone Credit Card Processing, Yahoo Store Merchant Account
  • Low and affordable rates


Got Merchant can provide you with everything you need to process credit cards for an online business, retail, mail/telephone order, wireless and more.”

Actual user feedback from

“ is truly what a credit card processing company should be: honest, informative, and helpful”

Actual user feedback from

“The company is not only committed to excellence in customer service, they apparently deliver it! is what you’d call a “straight shooter” in their dealings—forthcoming and upfront about rates, fees, and terms—no surprises”

Actual user feedback from

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