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Fast Transact

from Fast Transact, Inc. 


Product Description

Fast Transact is a provider of credit card processing services and more to clients in Canada and the US. A combination of merchant accounts and various credit card solutions with the latest data security measures make Fast Transact the company to look to for any merchant’s solution.

Fast Transact knows that clients hate guesswork, especially when something as important as their business is concerned. To answer this, the company’s aim is to provide you with a variety of programs and services customizable to your individual needs.

Fast Transact’s goal is to become a single-source solution for its clients. To this end, they are constantly innovating in the field of credit card processing. They offer services like payment gateway processing, shopping cart systems and more.

Fast Transact has received several awards, such as the 2nd Fastest Growing Company of 2007 by BE and the 53rd spot in Inc. 5000’s top Financial Services companies.

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Product Research

The Price:

  • No start-up fee
  • $29.95 gateway fee
  • $0.15 transaction fee


Unique decision tree application system
No hidden fees
Multi-awarded provider
Security against fraud


“You may want to try out FastTransact...They do international processing... They have an integrated system so you don't need to deal with outsourcing issues...Their customer service is great and their rates are really competive and don't charge hidden fees…"

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"The best payment processor I know of is Fast Transact..."
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