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Creative Cash Flow Solutions

from Creative Cash Flow Solutions, Inc. 


Product Description

Creative Cash Flow Solutions has the sole objective of reducing their client's payment processing expenses. Given this, they offer check processing solutions and Automated Clearing House transactions.

Complete Merchant Services offers credit card processing services similar to other providers. Their offerings include Internet credit card, retail credit card, and wireless check processing.

CMS also deploys ATM machines as well as provide paper and supplies for them. Additional services from CMS include digital signage, check cashing, gift and loyalty cards, texting services, and QuickBooks processing.

Complete Merchant Services also offers business website design to complement their Internet credit card processing service. Most of their designs are targeted at e-commerce.

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The Price:

  • Free 30-day trial


No more dealing with "the check is in the mail" scenarios
Half the price of accepting credit cards
Save on invoicing and mailing costs
Save on fees with Automated Clearing House payments
Free 30-day trial


"If your business accepts checks, you definitely need a service like creative cash flow. It eliminates having to wait for your customer's checks before getting paid."

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" first I was a bit skeptical about signing up with creative cash flow solutions, inc, but everything went pretty well. up to now, still no problems with my check payments. recommended!"
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