Benefits Of A Merchant Account Service Provider For Mail Order Businesses

Benefits Of A Merchant Account Service Provider For Mail Order Businesses

Why would your mail order business benefit from a merchant account service provider?

If you’re selling your products through a catalogue, you take your orders by mail but only process them after you’ve received payment. The viability of your mail order business depends on receiving secure payments from your customers.

When you receive checks from your customers and deliver your products before the check is cleared, you may run the risk of non-payment for sales if the check bounced or was fraudulently released to you. To safeguard your company from such issues, you need to request upfront payment for products before the items are sent out.

You can do this through credit card payment facilities. Your customer gives out their credit card details and the payment is taken through secure gateways once the order is confirmed.

When you’re certain the payment is processed, you can deliver your product. This is where a merchant account service provider will offer you the security of accepting payments through automated response units or ARU’s. Credit card payments are processed by the service provider, which obtain the relevant information through voice capture systems operating on recorded voices.

The high service fees associated with such services is one of the main factors to take into consideration when you opt for a merchant account for credit card processing. There are also proprietary software considerations and hardware configurations that affect the total cost of your payment system. However these factors are minimal compared to the ease of payments that is possible from the right merchant account service provider.

You can collect payment for your products at the time of order processing before you ship out your merchandise.

You can protect your business from bad debts arising from non-payment of orders by customers. In fact you can bolster your mail order business tremendously with credit card processing avenues.

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